Beginners Guide

Getting started with your first vape setup can be a bit daunting with all the different brands and styles. It took weeks visiting various sites trying to figure it all out before I finally pulled the trigger and took a chance. We will try to cut through the confusion and make some sense of it all. We’ll start by explaining how they work in the first place.

The basic configuration is: atomizer, battery and E-liquid also called nicotine juice. The atomizer heats the e-juice to a specific temperature which vaporizes the liquid making it ready to be inhaled and absorbed into the lungs. The battery provides the power to achieve this vapor.   The e-juice is flavored and contains nicotine giving the user an experience similar to that of a real cigarette without the harmful smoke, tar and carcinogens. The e-cigarette is not an approved cessation device but rather a smoking alternative. There are probably a hundred different companies making e-cigarettes on the market today. Some of them are really cheap, some expensive, some that are great quality and some that are not at all. As a company we decided to keep it simple and chose the Joyetech brand. They are one of the industry leaders both in quality and price and are one of the most copied designs in the market. We may add other quality brands as they present themselves in the market.