Gost Vapor Ejuice is in the House

West Coast Vape Supply is Proud to Announce Gost Vapor eJuice is in the House

If you have been looking for a new eLiquid or eJuice, then stop looking right now! West Coast Vape Supply is happy to announce that we are now carrying the complete Gost Vapor eLiquid range!

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we are constantly searching for new products and flavors, no part of the globe is too far away for our tireless researchers to travel too! We are extremely happy to announce that we have teamed up with Gost Vapor eJuice to unveil an entirely new range of delicious Gost Vapor eJuice.

At West Coast Vape Supply, we know a good thing when we see it! The Gost Vapor team is made up of some of the original vapers, old time vapers that have been involved with vaping and eLiquid since the start of the local vape scene. They have constantly been striving to create new tastes and vaping experiences that vapers just haven’t experienced before.

We are happy to announce the three new eLiquid flavors that the Gost Vapor team created are simply out of this world! If you’re tired of trying the same old flavors of eLiquid, then prepare to have your taste buds blown away!

  • Milk HeadA tall glass of cold, delicious milk complemented by sweet vanilla notes
  • PancakeA stack of warm, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes fresh from your favorite diner smothered in butter and topped with real Canadian maple syrup
  • Parfait A perfectly layered mixture of creamy strawberry yogurt and crunchy fruit cereal swirled together for the perfect combination

If you’re looking for eLiquid that combines delicious flavors, with a vaping experience like no other, then Gost eJuice has delivered the goods! You’ll recognize the Gost Vapor eJuice because of their cool, unique Gost shaped eLiquid bottles! Make sure that you like and share the blog, follow us on Social Media to ensure you don’t miss any of our amazing specials and new releases.


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