CDC Data Shows Vaping Helps You Quit Smoking

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) Favors Vaping?

The CDC, aka Center of Disease Control…yes that same agency that saved you from the SARS epidemic, the bird flu (sort of the same thing actually), and the West Nile Virus has recently released data that shows that vaping may actually be helping cigarette smokers get off the cancer sticks.  This particular tid bit of information is rather critical primarily because the Feds have done very little when it comes to the vaping community and their products. If you keep up with the industry, you would notice that quite a few countries are currently finding research on vaping and its effects on both the body and habitual actions in terms of ‘quitting’.  So what did the CDC find from their National Health Interview Survey of 36,697 American Adults?  Let’s briefly go over their study….

The Findings…..

I do realize that some people understand by reading and some understand by visuals, so I’ll give you both versions.  In 2014, the CDC performed a survey resulting in some shocking numbers.  In simple terms, 13% of Americans have at one time or another tried vaping.  But interesting enough, so have 48% of current smokers, 55% of recent quitters (less than a year), 9% of long term quitters (more than a year since), and 3% of people who have never smoked.  The same survey found that 4% of adults were current everyday vapers, including 16% of current smokers, 22% of current quitters, 2% of long term quitters, and only .4% of never-smokers.

All in all, the survey and study shows that those who have never smoked, rarely become everyday vapers.  So the media frenzy suggesting that vaping popularity creates new smokers may be false and misleading. But more importantly, these numbers show that those who were smoking cigarettes switched over to vaping which is still a healthier alternative to the combusting by-products of a regular cigarette. The chart below shows the key takeaway here, 55% smokers who tried to quit at least once have tried to vape at least once, and 20.3% of them stayed vaping.  Whereas 40.2% of smokers who never tried to quit and tried to vape at least once, about 11.8% of them stayed vaping.  The numbers don’t lie.  Smokers are switching to vaping, maybe not in large numbers, but the trend to stay away from the nasty carcinogens found in combusting tobacco cigarettes is definitely evident in the survey numbers.

That’s a small win for the vaping community!


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